Alberta, Canada

Some places you have to visit more than once - Banff National Park is one of those places.

Kicked off Summer ‘18 in one of my favorite places with two of my best friends (Jalyn and Nana) and their significant others Marcus and Karina.

Jalyn owns a travel firm called Jaunts and Gems, so she took care of our lodging. We booked a cabin at Hidden Ridge Resort and a car through Turo. I was in charge of the itinerary, so I basically took them to see everything I saw in 2016 - plus a few extra spots.

Banff was even better the second time around. Some people don’t like visiting the same place, but collecting passport stamps has never been my driving force when traveling - just creating good memories.

Notable stops: Peyto Lake, Vermillion Lakes, Lake Louise, Johnston Canyon.

Good eats: Old Spaghetti Factory, Bear Street Tavern, Park Distillery, Tooloulou’s, High Rollers